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THE ETERNAL SACRED ORDER OF THE CHERUBIM AND SERAPHIM LENTEN LESSON DAY 30 – STUBBORNNESS TEXT: 2 CHRONICLES 30:7-8 INTRODUCTION STUBBORNNESS is perverse and unreasonable obstinacy; inflexibility; contumacy. A fixedness in opinion or resolution that cannot be shaken at all, or not without great difficulty;
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Lenten Day 26: UNGODLINESS

TOPIC:             UNGODLINESS TEXT:   1 CORINTHIANS 7:7-20 OR TITUS 2:11-15   INTRODUCTION UNGODLINESS: The word ungodliness is often thought of and used today as a synonym for unrighteousness, wickedness, and gross sinful behavior. This, in fact, is one of the main reasons some find it difficult to readily
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Lenten Day 25: HERESIES

LENTEN LESSON DAY 25 Topic: HERESIES Text: LUKE 11:13-23 Memory Verse: LUKE 11:23 ‘He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with me scattareth.’ INTRODUCTION/DEFINITION HERESIES are beliefs or opinions contrary to orthodox religious (especially Christian) doctrine. It can also be said to be
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