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Jan 01 Monday                                            New Year Day / First Sunday

1st Lesson         Gen 17:1 – 13

2nd Lesson        Luke 2:21 – 40

Jan 07 Sunday                                            First Sunday in the New Year

1st Lesson         Isaiah 62:1-end

2nd Lesson        1st John 1:1-2:6

Jan 08 Monday                                          Seven (7) days Prayer in the first week of the New Year begins

Jan 15 Monday                                           Seven (7) days open air service in the second week of the New Year begins.

Jan 26-27 Friday – Saturday                    MZYS International Prayer retreat (IPR)

Feb 04 Sunday                                            Apostles and Elders 79th Anniversary

1st Lesson         Leviticus 8:1-10

2nd Lesson        Ephesians 4:1-end

February 9-10 Friday- Saturday              National Evangelical Crusade CMC 9

February 14 Wednesday                            Ash Wednesday

February 18 Sunday                                   Joint prayers at the wilderness Preparatory to Fasting

February 20 Tuesday                                 Forty (40) days Lenten Prayer Begins

March 25 Sunday                                        Palm Sunday

1st Lesson Zech. 9:9-12

2nd Lesson Matt. 21:1-17

March 29 Thursday                                    Holy Thursday

March 30 Friday                                         Good Friday

March 31 Saturday                                     Holy Saturday

April 01 Sunday                                          Easter Sunday

1st Lesson Exodus 12:1-14

2nd Lesson Matt 28:1-15

April 6th – 7th                                             Seminar and Wilderness Prayer

May 3rd – 5th                                              Three (3) Days preparatory prayers for Children of Moses Orimolade Day

Thurs – Sat May 6th Sunday                   Children of Moses Orimolade Anniversary

1st Lesson – Deut. 28:1- 14

2nd Lesson – Matt. 25:14 – 30

May 10th Thursday                                   Ascension Day

1st Lesson 2 Kings 2:1-15

2nd Lesson Mark 16: 14 – 20

May 20th Sunday                                      Pentecost (Whit Sunday)

1st Lesson Joel 2:28 – end

2nd Lesson Acts 2:1 – 21

May 25 – 26 Friday – Saturday             National Evangelical Crusade CMC 7

May 27th Sunday                                       Trinity Sunday and Happy Day Service

1st Lesson Gen 1:26 –end

2nd Lesson 1st John 5:1 – 15

May 28th – 30th Monday – Wednesday             Three (3) days preparatory prayer for Cherubim Anniversary


May 31st Thursday                                    Cherubim Anniversary

1st Lesson Ezek. 10:1-end

2nd Lesson Rev. 4:1-end

June 6th– 8th Wed-Fri                              Nine Candle Prayer

June 15th – 17th Fri – Sun                       International women conference with the Baba Aladura

July 1st Sunday                                          Prayer for the peace of Jerusalem

1st Lesson Ps. 122: 1 end

2nd Lesson 1 Cor. 13:1-end

July 8th Sunday                                         U.S. South (Houston) Adoption Service

July 15th Sunday                                       U.S. North (New York) Adoption Service

July 22nd Sunday                                      Canada Adoption service

July 29th Sunday                                       London Adoption Service

August 5th Sunday                                    Mount Zion Adoption Service  75 Odunfa Street, Ebute-Metta.

August 12th Sunday                                  Germany/Belgium Adoption Service

August 13th -15th Mon – Wed                Three (3) days preparatory prayer for Holy Gabriel anniversary

August 16th Thursday                              Holy Gabriel anniversary

August 26th Sunday                                 Anniversary of Women Association

1st Lesson Judges 5:1-12

2nd lesson Rev 12:1- 17

September 6th – 8th Thurs-Sat              Three (3) Days preparatory prayer for Seraphim anniversary

September 6th Thursday                        Advisory Board meeting                                 10:00 am

September 6th Thursday                        King David Association Seminar                     12:00 noon

September 7th Friday                              Baba Aladura Ecclesiastical Council Meeting 10:00am

September 7th Saturday                         Baba Aladura Induction day

September 8th Saturday                         Cocktail party                                                  5:00pm

September 9th Sunday (Morning)        Baba Aladura Induction thanksgiving Service 9:00am

September 9th Sunday (Evening)         Seraphim Anniversary

1st Lesson Isaiah 6:1-7

2nd Lesson Rev 7:1-end

September 14th – 15th                             National Evangelical Crusade CMC 12

September 22nd Saturday                      Seven (7) days preparatory prayer for Holy Michael anniversary begins

September 29th Saturday                       Holy Michael Anniversary

1st lesson Daniel 12:1-end

2nd lesson Rev 12:5-11

October 7th Sunday                                 Bible Sunday

October 7th Sunday                                 Memorial Holy Temple Adoption Service

October 11th Thursday                            Anniversary of the Virgins (Itan-lehin Jesu)

1st lesson Isaiah 11:1-10

2nd lesson Rev. 4:1-7

October 12th Friday                                 One Day Revival Service by the Baba Aladura

October 13th Saturday                            Children/Parent Seminar

October 14th Sunday                               Children thanksgiving Service

October 18th Thursday                           Memorial watch night Service for the Founder

October 20th Saturday                           St. Moses Orimolade Annual Lecture

October 21st Sunday                               Memorial thanksgiving Service for the Founder

October 28th Sunday                              National H/Qtrs Annex Abuja Adoption Service

November 9th -11th Wed-Fri                 Nine candle Prayers

November 10th Saturday                       Singing Competition

November 11th Sunday                           Mount Zion National H/Qtrs Adoption Service

November 12th -18th Mon-Sun             Mount Zion Youth Society Youth Week

November 29th Thursday                      Conventional Service at Lagos

1st Lesson Isaiah 60:1-end

2nd Lesson Rev. 19:1-end

December 1st Saturday                          Ordination of Junior Ranks CMC 1

December 2nd Sunday                           Parade in Gala at Lagos

December 4th Tuesday                          Meeting of the Advisory Board 10:00am

December 5th Wednesday                    General Administrative Council meeting

December 6th Thursday                        Conventional Service at Hogan Bassey

1st Lesson Isaiah 60:1-end

2nd Lesson Rev 19:1-end

December 7th Friday                              Annual General Meeting at 10.00am

December 8th Saturday                         Ordination/Consecration

December 9th Sunday                            General thanksgiving at Mount Zion National H/Qtrs 38 Tejuosho Road, Surulere.

1st lesson Zech. 8:9-11

2nd Lesson 1st Pet. 4:1-11

Parade in Gala at Ebute Metta

December 17th Monday                         Christmas Seven (7) days an early morning prayer begins

December 25th Tuesday                        Christmas day service at 10am

December 26th Wednesday                  Elders visit and prayers

December 29th Saturday                       Children Xmas party

December 31st Monday                         New Year eve watch night service at 10pm