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HME’S New Year Message

HME’S New Year Message

I usher you all into the New Year 2018 with profound gratitude to God Almighty for His benevolence in the last year 2017, and beyond.

I am glad for His graciousness during the Yuletide. I know Him whom we have believed that He is equally able to keep us safe through many succeeding years.

My beloved children, you would recall that my induction as the Baba Aladura, Moses Orimolade IX and Prelate of the Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim Worldwide took place on Thursday, 7th September 2017.

Since that day, I have consistently made many clarion calls to you all, in which I persistently emphasized the need for everyone to pursue and adopt the lifestyle of holiness and righteousness, for they are the bastion of our calling into Christ Jesus our Lord.

Consequently, I came up with the theme for 2018, which is “MY YEAR TO FLOURISH IN RIGHTEOUSNESS”.
I urge you to uphold and believe in it like a creed. To be able to do this, you need to develop a mind-set that is resolved to live by the virtues of Christ Jesus our Lord, as contained in the Holy Scriptures.

You would need to imbibe in you the tenets of Christianity as a culture, going forward. In this Millennium, the quest is for every Christian to align with God as we identity with Christ’s suffering for us all, which was the supreme price He paid for our redemption.

The essence was to absolve us from eternal damnation and present us blameless to the Father, before the throne of His mercy and grace. I urge you to retain these thoughts in your mind continually.

Now, you must be familiar with the new policies that we have initiated in this new era. The purpose is to enable the memberships of the ESOCS church reposition ourselves in the various aspects of our individual and church life so that we could move the ESOCS church to a new pedestal on which she could take her rightful place within the system of things among the comity of churches in Nigeria, and in Christendom too.

In this new era, I crave to see you all strive for the betterment of our dear church. There should be hunger for oneness of heart, oneness of spirit, and brotherly love espoused with godly persuasions.

I expect to see Elders and Mothers across the Provinces rally round their respective leadership; and give them maximum support.

Henceforth, the expected attitude and disposition is teamwork, and everyone should get involved in this business of rebuilding the Holy Order.

One of my strong desires is to see us put an end to incessant petitions, maladministration, disunity, and other acts that do not conform to godliness.

Most recently, we came up with various directorates, the purpose of which is to strengthen the church administrative system as we evolve from one developmental stage to the other.

Therefore, I urge you all to take our ensuing programmes seriously, as you take part in them. Everyone should contribute in great measure, and in diverse ways.

One strong area we should work at seriously is the need to create in us the hunger for the word of God through attendance to Bible studies.
It is common knowledge that no one can become a good Christian without the word of God dwelling richly in him or her.

We need it more than we need anything else in life. Consequently, I both urge and encourage all the senior Elders and Mothers across the Branches, Districts, and Provinces to make attendance to Bible studies a priority, and thereby create an environment that would make it attractive, and motivate the younger generation to do likewise.

We expect to see a more vigorous campaign in the area of evangelism. There should be membership conversion, retention, and mentoring in all Provinces, Districts, and Branches, which is our foremost mission.

Furthermore, I want to reiterate that the ESOCS church is interested in what happens in our matrimonial homes, going forward.

We can no longer afford to remain docile about it. The church cannot be strong and viable if the homes are in disarray.
Therefore, the leadership of Provinces are mandated to ensure that there is peace and stability in all families.

They should come up with strategies that would evolve communality and agape love within their various congregations.

Finally, I urge you all to remain law-abiding citizens. We know too well the economic stress and pressure that is plaguing the citizens of our country presently.

Let us look up to God for remedy. Better days would come. You should eschew all forms of lawlessness as befits Christians; and let us be mindful to remain perfect examples of good behaviour.

We should also perform our civic responsibilities as good citizens of our great nation.

God bless you all.
Happy New Year.
Your Praying Father and Prelate
Baba Aladura Dr. D. L. Bob-Manuel

Author: Banjo Ayorinde

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