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‘One More Thing You Need To Do…Praise God’ By Mike Oduniyi

‘One More Thing You Need To Do…Praise God’ By Mike Oduniyi

It was a night to remember for members of the Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim and Seraphim (ESOCS) Church, invited guests, artistes and well-wishers that graced the Praise From Zion Season 3 event held on Friday, November 10, 2017 at Mount Zion National Headquarters, Surulere, Lagos.

The musical concert organized by Mount Zion National Headquarters Choir to commemorate the Church’s 68th Adoption Service, was more than a musical jamboree as it was laced with world class performance by gospel singers from within outside ESOCS, leading standup comedians in Nigeria, cultural displays as well as spiritual and soul lifting messages.

Praise From Zion Season 3 was all the more a unique event as it had in attendance for the first time, a sitting Baba Aladura and ESOCS Prelate Worldwide, in the person of His Most Eminence Dr. David L. Bob-Manuel.

Baba Aladura Bob-Manuel led a powerful team of the Advisory Board, to the all-night event, including Deputy Baba Aladura 3, His Eminence Elder (Dr.) Olusegun Demuren, Secretary to the Order, Elder (Dr.) Napo Emuchay, Chancellor to the Baba Aladura, Elder (Dr.) Ephraim Faloughi, the Elder-in-Charge, ESOCS Abuja, Elder (Dr.) Isaac Bello and Chairman Mount Zion Management Council, Elder Dere Otubu.

“It is one event I don’t pray I miss. You will not be the same when you attend this kind of programme, I love it,” HME Bob-Manuel stated emphatically.

“Praising and worshipping God, if one understands the importance of this programme, one wouldn’t like to miss it. The children of Israel went round of the wall of Jericho seven times praising God and at the seventh time the great wall of Jericho fell flat. Praising God is very, very important if one not indispose.
“I hope that by God’s grace I will attend next year,” the Prelate said.

Delivering the sermon for the event, Elder Bello, said the Praise From Zion programme was all about members of ESOCS and invited guests to have a life time opportunity to praise worship.
According to Elder Bello, praising and worshipping God is often underplayed in the daily lives of Christians.

“Praise is the most potent, devastating weapon to defeat the enemy. When praises go up, power comes down. When you pray, it goes up, but when you praise, the answer to the prayers comes down,” Elder Bello said.

“One more thing you need to do…Praise,” he added.

The Mount Zion National Headquarters Choir led by the band leader, Evangelist Chimereze Ibeakor, guest artistes including Alabukun-ni- Israeli Choir, The Praise Team (Debo), Pakala, Kemi Rehoboth and Prince Gozie Okeke, thrilled the audience to rich gospel music.

The night was enlivened with rib-cracking jokes courtesy of performances by Crazy legs, Still Ringing and Omobaba 1.

Author: Banjo Ayorinde

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