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Special Services

Ascension Day
Ascension is a fundamental doctrine in the New Testament. This is an important service in the Esocs church.

Christmas Services
Saint Moses Orimolade had directed that the service for Christmas must be better regarded than that of New Year day, as it is the birthday of Christ our Saviour. A watch-night special service is held with 49 candles, while a service is held on the Christmas day. The Boxing Day (26th December or January 1st) is spent by members and elders paying visits to members’ houses for Christmas greetings and prayers. The 26th December is spent in Mount Zion for childrens’ Christmas party (Provinces are encouraged to adopt this).

Turning of the Sod
This special service is held to consecrate uncompleted house of prayer (churches) to prepare it for use as a place of worship, pending its completion and subsequent dedication.  This service can be held on any day of the week.

Dedicated Service
Special services are held to dedicate New Houses of Prayers (Churches). Full services are usually held. 

Founder’s Memorial Service
Memorial service is held for the Founder “Saint Moses Orimolade” annually in October 18, the day that the founder answered the home call ( 19th October 1933).  On the 18th October, a watch-night service is held from 10pm to 3.00am.  A memorial service is held on Sunday following the watch night service. The combined Sunday service is held from 2pm to 7pm.

In Lagos, it has been the practice to observe the watch night service in Ojokoro, where the Founder was buried. For now Mt. Zion National Headquarters hold the service at Memorial Holy Temple, Lagos. In other provinces, the service shall be held in the church premises, but outside the Prayer House or Cathedral.
The Sunday thanksgiving service is held inside the Prayer House.

Lenten Season Prayers
The Holy Order observes the 40 days fasting period (Lenten Season). The founder had directed that the only way a Christian can succeed in life’s struggle is to fast, watch and pray always with a clean hand and conscience.

Following a Seraphic Order given by God to our founding father, Moses Orimolade Tunolase, the Lenten Season for Esocs church commences on the Tuesday following Ash Wednesday, and ends on the eve of Easter Sunday. On the Sunday following Ash Wednesday, all members of the Holy order will congregate at the wilderness, after morning service in their respective houses of prayer, for a combined prayer between 3.00pm and 6.00pm, to ask for spiritual power to succeed in the 40 days fasting. 

Prayers during the Lenten Season are held sitting on mats except Sunday morning service. Throughout the Lenten Season including Sundays, there shall be no wearing of caps. All these activities shall resume on Easter morning.  The 5th week of lent shall be devoted to senior female members to preach the sermon.   During the lent, the lenten service supercedes all other weekly services. It is to be noted that in the normal Friday service, there shall be no reading of the three (3) Bible portions.

Love Feast
Love feast is organized in Esocs church mainly to restore harmony when there is discord among brethren. It was conducted in the early days of this church with bread and water only but has since developed into the use of traditional raw food materials which are cooked on the day of the love feast. One of the love feasts should be held on a Trinity Sunday service. The service should be held at least twice a year

New Year Service
Esocs celebrates the New Year with Thanksgiving Services. Watch night services are held on the eve of the New Year and a full thanksgiving service is held on the first day of the year.  Special prayers are held for two weeks in the New Year. Services are held on mats. The special prayers in the second week are conducted as Open air service.

Peace of Jerusalem Prayer
This prayer is done on the First Sunday of July. The purpose is to pray for the peace of all Christendom. Jerusalem is considered the seat of all Christians and praying for her peace is praying for the peace of all Christians.

Penticost Day Service
The day of the Pentecost is the fiftieth day after resurrection (ten days after ascension). This is the day when the Apostles received the Holy Spirit. The Sunday is celebrated worldwide amongst all Christians. It takes special significance in Esocs church as this church is one of the earliest ‘Pentecostal movement’ in this country. During this service, the youths leave the church for open air preaching outside. They should return to the church in time for the 12.00 mid-day Praise Worship.
After the Sermon, choruses may be taken to fill up the time before Closing at 3.00pm.

Revival Service
Revival services are usually done for 3 days but may be done for 7 days. It should not fall or end on Sunday morning service, but where applicable, holds in the evening. If it falls on Thursday, there will be general collection with the closing hymn. If it falls on Friday, after the service, there shall be marking of cross. Revival Services can not be held during the lent.

Trinity Sunday & Happy Day Service
The Trinity Sunday/Day is a special service ear-marked for the commemoration of the oneness of the body of Christ, i.e. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost.  This service is especially dedicated to remind the congregation of the existence of the TRINITY and its essence. (1 John 5:7 & Matt: 28:19). The Holy Order marks this special Sunday with a watch night service held prior to this day.

Naming Ceremony
New born babies are brought into the church for naming on the 8th day after delivery. The church enforces naming on the 8th day except in special circumstances where for medical reasons the children cannot be brought for naming.

On the day of the naming ceremony, only the baby is brought into the church. The mother remains in the vestry throughout the naming ceremony.

Membership of the Holy Order requires that a member be baptized by immersion. Members are required to attend a pre-baptism class in which the Constitution of the Holy Order among other things is taught. Curriculum for baptismal class is available at the Mount Zion National HQ. Certificate of Baptism is issued by the branch and obtained from the Mount Zion national Headquarters.

Holy Communion Service
Holy Communion is one of two sacraments principally ordained by Christ our Lord in the Gospel. (Matthew 28:19,  26-29). This is the last sacrament instituted by our Lord before his death. It is a very solemn ceremony. Holy Communion is one of several sacraments accepted by the Esocs church. It is mandatory in the Holy Order to offer Holy Communion on Holy Thursday, Easter, Christmas and New Year Days.

Holy Matrimony
The Esocs Order of marriage encourages legal process. The Order started with the creation of the World and its creature – male and female (Monogamy is implied in this).

Although the Founder, Moses Orimolade was celibate in his lifetime, he demonstrated two typical marriages for the C&S in the year 1921 in Lagos. The matches were brought to a happy consummation by the words of God as explained in the Holy Bible.

The family of the Bridegroom shall have gained the consent of the bride and family with presentations including Bible and Ring before the day of the marriage is fixed.

The would be couple are expected to attend several sessions of marriage counseling with the officiating Elder before the day of the wedding.  The contents of counseling sessions are developed and available at the National Headquarters. One (1) elder is expected to conduct the wedding.

The bridegroom and best man are expected to be seated in the church before start of service

Ordination Service
“The Esocs is a congregational and all priesthood church. In this system, all members have a chance of rising to the highest Priesthood rank. Ordination into higher priesthood ranks (Apostles/Mothers in-Israel and above) takes place at the Annual Conference usually held in December at the National Headquarters. Ordination below the rank of Apostle/mother-in-Israel are usually done during the Baba Aladura’s Provincial tour.

On all matters of ordination, the Baba Aladura has final approval. Recommendations are made from branches, districts and provinces but the Baba Aladura must give the final approval.

Burial Service
It is forbidden to bring corpse into the church, as the Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim believes in the Sanctity of the house of prayer. Services are therefore performed for any deceased member in the house he dwelt or at the place where he died before interment.