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Adoption Thanksgiving Service
During the lifetime of our Founding Father, Saint Moses Orimolade Tunolase, the Elders of the church had requested to be allowed to celebrate Harvest Thanksgiving. Most of the Elders had come from mission churches (Anglican mainly) and were used to celebrating “harvest”. Our Founding Father told the Elders to wait for the direction of the Holy Spirit as to what to celebrate. The directive from the Holy Spirit never came until 1949, sixteen years after the death of the Founder. In 1949, during the tenure of our Baba Aladura III, Samuel Adewunmi, a vision was seen that Esocs should celebrate “Adoption” rather than Harvest. This was the beginning in this church of the Annual Celebration of Adoption Thanksgiving Service.

Children Thanksgiving Service
The second Sunday in the month of October is set aside for thanksgiving service by the children of the Holy Order. This is the only day the children are allowed to officiate the service.

Thanksgiving By Delivered Mother
The doctrine of the church forbids a woman newly delivered of a child from entering the house of prayer until forty (40) days for a male child and eighty (80) days for a female child (Leviticus 12:4-5).  At the end of this period, a delivered mother comes to the church on Sunday for thanksgiving to God for protection during the pregnancy, labour and delivery. 

At the time of the thanksgiving, she comes to the front of the chancel facing the Congregation, she gives her testimony. Thereafter she kneels in front of the Chancel and prayed for by an elder in the chancel after reading Psalm 116 or 127.  The mother recites this psalm after him aloud.   The most senior elder in the chancel says the Grace (No marking of Oil on the child).